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November 10, 2012

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Q: Are old-earth creationists compromisers?

A: Calling someone a compromiser is not an issue we take lightly. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary states that compromise is “something intermediate between or blending qualities of two different things.” So if old-earth creationism (OEC) is a result of “blending qualities of two different things” then a person who holds to OEC is technically a compromiser.

However, since this term often carries a pejorative sense, we should try to establish whether the person compromised unintentionally because he had not studied carefully the relevant biblical texts or the relevant scientific arguments against millions of years, or if he intentionally sought to find an intermediate idea because he was unwilling to take God at His Word.

If OEC offers a legitimate interpretation of the biblical texts concerning the age of the earth, then we would certainly be wrong in calling its adherents compromisers. However, if OEC was derived from a blending of the Bible with secular ideas, then those who hold to it are compromisers in this area.

Continue reading as AiG’s Tim Chaffey addresses some common misunderstandings about the biblical teaching of a young earth.

Get Equipped

Get Equipped The Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years

As Ken Ham demonstrates in this powerful book, what you believe about the age of the earth does matter. The harmful effects of an evolutionary worldview are evident in the culture around us. Learn how to identify and defend against the lie—evolution and millions of years.

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After Eden

After Eden

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