Hurricane Harvey Relief
Special Message from Ken Ham
Dear friend,

I’m sure you’ve seen photos of the devastation inflicted by Hurricane Harvey, a category four hurricane that slammed into Texas and southwestern Louisiana. We are working with our long-time ministry partner Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) to help provide needed relief to our family (we are all descendants of Adam) in the hurricane-ravaged areas of the south. And we need your help!
Hundreds of thousands have been left without electricity, over 20 people have been confirmed dead, 450,000 Texans are expected to apply for federal assistance, and thousands of stranded survivors are being rescued and cared for in emergency shelters. This is an opportunity for the church to show compassion and love to those who are suffering and to offer them the hope found in Jesus Christ.

Children's Hunger Fund needs $210,000 to cover the cost of getting the assistance to those in need. This funding will provide for the cost of sending a minimum of 50 freight trucks loaded with water, food packs, children’s clothing, and other supplies (that they have and are collecting in their warehouse) to the Houston area (and other areas as needed).

Please join with us in praying and in giving generously to CHF so they can provide food and other assistance during this time of crisis in our nation.

You can give through the donate page on our website. Please specify in the comments section that your donation is for “Hurricane Harvey relief.”

Sincerely in Christ,  

Ken Ham

Ken Ham
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